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Truth Mastery With Robert Kintigh

Truth Mastery Course
Truth Mastery Course | DVD's
Inspired by a life full of strife and loaded with personal victory, the founder and author of The Lies We Tell Ourselves has created a powerful Truth Mastery Program designed to unleash a raging river inside of you by dispelling the lies we tell ourselveand.......
Wanting to share his story and the program that has changed so many people's lives, Robert Kintigh will speak at your engagement or you can come to one of the upcoming Truth Mastery Seminars around the country and world. More.... 
The Truth Mastery Coaching Club is a coaching program designed in mind for th ebusy executive or person who is in need of coaching but without the time constraints of one-on-one coaching. Drop in as you are free during our appt. hours! More HERE
Coaching | Consulting
Just with any program, a good coach is always needed so engage in our coaching program with either Robert or one of the Truth Mastery coaches as they will help you and guide you through the right path and on to the best you.....
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Truth Mastery Delivers More for the Business Owner and Individual

Robert Darin Kintigh encourages leadership, honesty of character, and mental toughness as a baseline to help his clients exceed their expectations in whatever it is that they desire. The Truth Mastery company is a full service consulting, coaching,speaking and training company. We service both individuals and company's in a variety of ways and our mission is to help you realize the full potential inside of you and or your company. 

Truth Mastery is different in the fact that we work on the mindset from the beginning and focus on what you want. This is about you and what you need and we help you to draw from within. Mindset training is the foundation for both the business entity as well as the individual. What you focus on is what you will gain. The Truth Mastery Success Program is an easy to follow, 10 step process that is designed to guide you to the level of success you desire. This process is based on the best selling book by Robert Kintigh author along with his workbook by the same name. 

Why do businesses work with Truth Mastery? Often times an individual will come to Truth Mastery for themselves and then it often transitions to them introducing their business or company to us as well. Our system is universal to accommodate both of these situations.

Our books, services, programs, and coaching programs are all design to help you with personal growth and development, self-help elements, business growth, team building, employee behavior modification and more. Everything we put out is to help you go where you want to go. The entire system is based upon personal honesty as we insist on you knowing exactly where you are at and where you want to transition to and this only happens when you are completely honest with yourself. The book The Lies We Tell Ourselves details what Robert Kintigh went through and how he came through on the other hand. There is much to the book but honest with yourself is key. 

We look forward to getting to know you or your business and we know you will not regret working with our team. Personal and business coaching is available for you with one of our coaches or with Robert. Contact us today to find out more and how we can help you. Truth Mastery is a business that believes in 100% satisfaction and we will not settle for less as you deserve only the best!
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