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The Time Has Arrived!!

The book that will make a difference!!

"The Lies We Tell Ourselves"
Author: Robert D. Kintigh

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Employee Behavior Modification Robert Kintigh
Coming Soon - Employee Behavior Modification
~ The Truth About About Motivation and Your Team

You are a middle manager at a fortune 500 company or a single owner of your own S-Corp and you come across my book and get really excited. You think to yourself, "finally, a book to fix my employees or team!" You have been struggling to "fix" your team and make more money and get rid of the problems with your business. The surprise will occur when you pick up my book and you read it and realize that employee or team behavior modification is a complete transformation of the whole company. This is a book for you as much as it is for your entire team or employees.

You have tried so many options and nothings seems to last. You have rewarded your team, punished your employees and nothing seems to give you the results that you are looking for.

Do you treat everyone the same? Are you one of those play it fair leaders who treats everyone the same way? This may be the very problem along with the discovery of how to individually motivate your people in a team enviroment. Everone is motivated and it is your job to figure out how to pull the most out of them understanding this method.

This book will help grow your team as mush as it will you. You must understand these principles for todays work force or you will perish by yoiur old ways.  Look for the book in early 2013!
mobile app revolution book Robert Kintigh on Amazon/Kindle
runaway teenager stories, why do teenagers runaway, troubled teenagers
The Mobile App Revolution for Small Business

Robert Kintigh along with his Wife Sallie Kintigh have written a book about the mobile app revolution and how it is affecting the way small business can now do business on mobile devices. With the advent of mobile platforms making it easier for small businesses to afford a mobile app, they can now compete with the big businesses of the world and show off their small business brand in a big way. The book points out design elements that are needed to get on the Android and Apple stores, about Apples tough standards and practices and what it will take to make your app functional so that the end user has the experience that they desire. Mobile apps will help a small business to get found on mobile devices and  increase their bottom line.

The authors point out what is at stake in the 37 Billion dollar industry and why now is the best time to get an advantage on the competition.

To date their have been 26 Billion mobile apps downloaded with that number expected to rise by 2015 to 187 Billion applications downloaded on mobile devices. What is fueling this revolution even more is the fact that these mobile devices have a captive audience and studies have shown that 93% of all smartphone users have their device within reach 24hours a day/7 days a week. The mobile app revolution is definatelly upon us and this book does a great job highlighting it. Pick up the book HERE on Amazon. Click here for More.
On the Run - How to Investigate and Find Your Runaway Teen

Written in a style very similar to his first book, Robert Kintigh gives a real life account of the tragedy and horror that he faced with having to find his runaway teen daughter. After going through this tough ordeal 3 times and succesfully finding his teen daughter, Robert decided that he needed to help those parents out there who might have to go through this same problem with a parent guide to finding your teen.

This book is packed with tips and techniques for investigating where your teen has gone to and how to properly utilize Facebook and social media networks to gather information and ask questions of their friends. Finding your teen is a methodical task and nothing becomes insignificant. We teach you how to gather the clues, talk to other parents and teens and how to find out about runaway laws for children over 12 years old.

On the Run is a book that will give you a focus and will help to keep you calm and under control during this stressful time. There are bad thinsg that happen to a few believe it or not but the majority of teens end up coming home with little to no harm.

Pick up the book on Amazon HERE  or click Here for More .
How to Brand Yourself Online

Ever wondered what to do with your company and the branding you need to create ravinng fans? Have you ever thought about what some of the biggest companies do that makes them so special? How to brand yourself online is a book written for small businesses that are looking to make both their company and their brand stronger and drive in more revenue.

The internet has a lot to offer if you properly utilize it and maintain what is being put out on the internet. We explore blogs and websites, videos, social media and much more. The book lays out foundational information on everything that you will need to create a sound and professional image online.

The book takes a look at some of the biggest companies and what has made their brands some of the best in the world. We look at taglines and slogands and colors and graphics that make everything work for these brands and yours.

A 4th book by Robert Kintigh that will help set you on a trail of success and victory. Get the book HERE for kindle on Amazon.
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The Lies We Tell Ourselves - by Robert Kintigh

I worked for 10 years to bring you the straight forward truth on goals, people, mindset and human nature. This book is a culmination of blood, sweat and tears. I wanted to deliver a book that was different, powerful and life changing. I wanted to bring to my readers a new experience that would allow them to enjoy the growth process while feeling at ease about not having to feel guilty about your own life. This book is focused on me and you can relate with what I go through. The Lies We Tell ourselves is my gift to the world as I hope to help change many lives.

Why do you want to read my book? You want more in life, we all do. You are struggling to let go of things that are holding you back. You are doing good but you want to do great. You are looking for someone to identify with so you know that others understand you. Buy my book and I will assure you that life can be much different!

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