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** Disclaimer **
This disclaimer is meant for anyone who visits this website, purchases my book How to Think your Way to Thin, takes one of our programs or watches any video on my weight loss program. The intention of this disclaimer is to make sure that we are been fully transparent in our offering to you for weight loss and better health and that you are as well informed as possible so that we do not break any laws in the United States as that is the governing law to this website, company or information. The following is what we are informing you of or creating clarity for the How to Think Your Way to Thin book and program:

I. We have only used this program with a limited number of clients and all though to this date we have had 100% success, we have not tried this program with everyone and therefore we do not know if it is a program that will work for everyone 100% of the time even if it is our opionion that it will work 100% of the time.
II. We offer up our opinion in all of our work and there for it is to be viewed and taken as just that, "opinion." Our expertise is based upon our experiences and research but we are not doctors, medical researchers or any type of medical professionals. It is always in your best interest to consult a medical professional before attempting anything health related.
III. The information in this book will only work when you cooperate in the information and follow it as laid out. Any deviation and you will lesson your chances of success.
IV. There is no typical results with weight loss as everyone's body and lifestyle is different. We make no specific outcome when it comes to your weight loss.
V.Every precaution has been taken to ensure accurate information in all books, and programs and material but because of the dynamic nature of the internet and information we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.
VI. You agree that you will only process or engage with our company or information at your own risk and free will.
VII. You agree that the only liability the company has with you is the cost of any purchased material and only if the company refunds your money per their refund policy or by way of arbitraitors award.
VIII. The typical time that it takes to lose weight varies by each person.
IX. The success of this program depends on your attitude and having the best one possible. This program works when people focus openly and freely and learn to pull power from their mind. You agree to cooperate at all times.

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