Book How To Think Your Way To Thin
I can help you lose weight without dieting and exercise!
The How to Think Your Way to Thin book is a remarkable weight loss program that will have you cheering for more.....
You Will Learn to Lose Weight The Same Way You Put it On! Mental Weight Loss is here!
My new book and program has something for you like you have never before seen and you will be surprised........
Video 1 - In this introductory video on How to Think Your Way to Thin, author Robert Kintigh introduces you to the idea of how to lose weight mentally without dieting and exercise. Listen in as Robert starts to unfold the secrets that allowed him to lose 105 pounds with his system. This is a no holds bar video as you will begin to gain awesome power with his system.
Video 2 - In this second video on How to Think Your Way to Thin, we are providing you with the keys to getting started with your weight loss journey and program. This video is all about your mindset and preparing your mind for food intake and weight loss training. Start your training off right by preparing your mind and body with mental weight loss techniques. 
Video 3 - In this video Robert Kintigh talks to you about his weight loss journey and his tips and techniques for his weight loss which includes find peaceful places in your life to focus and be happy. Mental weight loss comes from a calm spirit and mind. Discover yor peaceful place like my neighborhood lake and help to think your way to thin peacefully!
Video 4 - Thoughts are powerful and in this video Robert talks about what you think about the first thing in the morning and throughout your day. When you wake up it is so important to get your body ready for weight loss and fat burning and you will accomplish this with your thoughts. Prepare your body by preparing your mind and set yourself up for success mentally.
Video 5 - In losing 105 pounds I learned to remove the focus from my body and place it onto something else less fraile or weak. I chose to call my body a machine instead so I could focus differnetly on how to properly take care of my self. The idea of the machine is an important lindset that will help you to catapult you to the best weight loss possible you desire.
Video 6 - In this video Robert talks about preparing your body for food. To prepare your mind for food you must have the right mindset before you intake any food or water or anything else. There is no stressing or looking for comfort in food or drink yet instead you eat and drink because it fuels your body and helps you to burn fat and get to your ideal body weight.
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