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Truth Mastery With Robert Kintigh
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The Motivated Mind
Change seems so difficult at times. You want to change and you know you should change, but for some reason you keep getting dragged back to your old ways.

Or perhaps you have a personal goal that you've always wanted to accomplish. It's specific and clear, but you can't find a way to push yourself past your comfort zone. You have a deep desire to achieve the goal, but when the time comes to making it happen, you're at a loss.

Do either of these situations describe you? If so, your struggle is over. The six secrets to motivation have been uncovered and can be yours in minutes. Knowing how to get and stay motivated every day for the rest of your life is only a click away.

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Get motivated in only minutes to create change in your life. Eliminate bad habits with ease and create positive improvements in an instant. You'll find all the answers you need in my book, Motivated in Minutes.

Many books on motivation are filled with difficult concepts and theory. None of that here! Every idea, tip and technique is simple, proven effective and ready for you to use immediately. Over 1,001 simple motivation ideas in 26 chapters and a fill-in goal plan to get you started!

Lose weight, quit smoking and find the job of your dreams! Make more money, improve your relationships and learn how to de-stress immediately.

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Motivated In Minutes
If you want to be truly happy and experience a rich and rewarding life, it's vital that you know exactly what you want to be, to do, and to have. For most, this is a guessing game that ends in disappointment.

Without following a very simple, yet critical process, tapping into and decoding your personal path to happiness - the goals and dreams designed to match perfectly with your unique needs and wants - is impossible. The chance of stumbling upon your purpose in life or randomly choosing the goals that not only fit your style but are also built upon the foundation needed for success is slim at best.

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Life's Greatest Question
The Law of Success
Napoleon Hill and Gary Vurnum's Law Of Success For The 21st Century Program

The original participants paid $697 to be part of this groundbreaking Program based on both Napoleon Hill's and my own findings about what successful people do differently. If you loved "Think & Grow Rich" then you'll love this much more comprehensive Program which Napoleon Hill himself used to deliver as a 2-day seminar.
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The Truth About Success
The Truth About Success Program

This was my breakthrough $597 Mentor Program which was an intensive 6-week Program designed to get you to fully evaluate where you are, get you focused on the best path for you to move towards, and then provide you with the life-changing tools and ideas to do exactly that!
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The Leadership Secret
The Leadership Secret

This 80 mini-lesson multimedia Program is for you want get promotion at work, to lead or be a better manager, or if you generally want to take more control over your life and career. Followers achieve very little, and it's the leaders of this world that live life to the fullest and really make the most of their lives and careers.
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Fighting Your Demons
Fighting Your Demons
Knocking Fear Clean Out
Training your mind is more important than training your body. Learn how to get inside your own mind without guilt or therapy sessions. Come inside and learn how to get inside the mind of your opponent and understand their weaknesses.

Change is important…don’t wait until someone else changes you. Take steps towards reaching your own destiny and strive to be one of the people in this world who don’t need to shout about how great they are, or feel that you have to bully your way to success. Be one of the inspirational characters who continually strive to Master The Courage To Live With Grace.

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The Success Principle
The Success Principle - Appeals To Everyone!

URGENT: Calling All Success Seekers, Discover The Most Effective, Guaranteed, Step-By-Step Success System In Existence... Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Are Always Happy, Healthy and WEALTHY?... This Coaching Program is Guaranteed to work even if you're "un-motivated"...
A street bum could use this principle and succeed!  May I ask you a quick question? Do you want to...
Make More Money, Work From Home, Buy Anything You Wat, Never Worry About Bills Again, Live Stress Free,Turn Dreams Into Reality, Travel Anywhere You Want, Become More Successful, Buy Your Dream Home, Drive Your Dream Car, or Live Your Dream Life Starting Right Now?

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Inspiring Desktop Wallpaper
Desktop Wallpaper - Beautiful Inspiring Images for your PC!

Lets Face it, it's hard to find good high quality crisp images to use as your background wallpaper. Most images you can find are low resolution or blurry or just don't make for a good wallpaper. Having a boring or unpleasant background image can make your computer feel stale and slow as opposed to energised, clean and crisp. We would like to help... Now for only a few bucks, you can have a set of nice refreshing crisp, clean, beautiful, HD wallpapers for your PC.

16 High Quality, High Definition Desktop Wallpapers for your Computer. 

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