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Let's face it; leaders are not born into this world. They are made by their life experiences and the training they receive. At Truth Mastery, we teach based upon the principles that Robert writes about in his book called The Lies We Tell Ourselves which includes strong mindset training, truth and honesty in who you are as a person, how to base your decisions, what kind of leader are you and why you are a leader. Our leadership training turns your whole company into a leadership factory as everyone is a leader on some level. The task is to get people to take ownershi of that concept, evaluate their skills and then teach them the principles needed to maximize their leadership potential.
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Great Leadership Language
We have listened to the language of great leaders over the years and below is just some examples of what great leaders do not say:

1. I tried my best, what do you expect? Great leaders always give their best and do not settle for better. They are always striving to break their previous records or bests and it is never used as an excuse!

2. I am better than him or her. Great leaders always compete with themselves and never at teh detrement of others. They are not afraid to critique their team to help improve but they do not compete internally.

3. That wasn't my intentions as I mean to do this instead. Great leaders understand that results are paramount and excuses are worthless. Intentions are excuses for I did not make it happen but this should make you feel better.

4. I QUIT! Great leaders will fight until the end which means no air left in the body!
Lead - A leader shows the way, be better and motivate others.
Excitement - It takes a leader to get your team moving and excited.
Assist -  Your job is to assist and carry the load until your team can.
Devoted - You have to show your team that you are devoted to the team.
Energy - Like a match stick you can get the fire burning and fueled!
Resolved - as a leader you must be resolved to getting the job done.
Supportive - You must support your team because they often will not.
Honest - Truthful who you are as a person and a leader.
Integrity - Be real and own up to situations at all times.
Passionate - Fuel your teams fire with your passion as it is contagious.