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Tips on Personal Growth
Here is a place where we will talk about tips and techniques for personal growth. If you are serious about achieving, growing and learning from life, then we need to discuss and analyze every aspect of how we are going to create massive change. We are going to be constantly providing little tips and some big ones as well. Our goal here is to provide you with food for thought on a regular basis. A lot of time you have the answers but you are lacking the reminders that you need to keep you on track. Remember, growth and change are incremental so do not get frsutrated by your progress. We will do our part to deliver your reminders and tips to a better life.
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We will assemble a large selection of famous quotes as well as some no so known and then we talk about them and break down possible meanings, and ideas. We want to inspire you to greatness, the right mindset and inspire you to a whole new level in your life. Quotes are great reminders of what we should be thinking. Let great leaders from the past and present stimulate your mind and help you to achieve more. The Truth Mastery Program wants to be your motivation and guide on designing the life you desire. Take a look at what we have to offer you and we will do our best to add value to your experience.
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Personal Growth Tips
Tip#1 - When spending time assessing your life, make sure it is in a space that is uninterrupted. It is important to turn off the phone, lock the door and be at peace with what you are doing.

Tip#2 - When you want to lose weight, be clear on exactly what you want as the goal or outcome. Be specific and have exact out comes.

Tip#3 - Get an accountability partner when you are trying to achieve goals. Let them in on exactly what you are trying to accomplish and ask them to make sure you stay on task.

Tip#4 - Write down your goals and visit them often. Don't be afraid to make small changes often.

Tip#5 - While you are trying to grow, the demon in you will do everything possible to throw distractions your way. That little devil wants to stop you from growing, losing weight, achieving more, growing your business and more. Fight that feeling of worry, fear or doubt and just go for it.

Tip#6 - Today is the day that you get what you desire. No more excuses, no more worries, no more doubt. Today you hold the magic Genie and all of your wishes will come true. You just have to believe and know it is going to be true. There must be magic to it as some people seem to have magical things happen while others are always struggling. So today I have declared it start getting what you want day! Have fun!

Tip#7 - Watch who you seek advice and counsel from. Make sure the person you speak with has great experience and is responsible with their words and relationships. Bad advice can have adverse affects on your life and teh damage can be deep.

Tip# 8 - Keep a journal. Write down how you feel, what you did and what changes occured in your life. Then when you look back at your days, you will be able to see patterns and why changes occured.

Tip# 9 - When you want to lose weight, think of the food that has put weight on you as disgusting. Create a huge distaste for it and don't let go of the thoughts.

Tip# 10 - If someone is treating you poorly, don't blame them, . Instead take responsibility for how they are treating you and change it. It is up to you how people treat you.

by Robert Kintigh
" Nothing is impossible unless you say it is! Design the truth or live a lie! " - Robert Kintigh

"They can because they think they can. -Virgil

" Just because there is a little water in the boat, it does not mean you need to abandon ship. There is a lot to be said for loyalty. " -Robert Kintigh

" The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen. -Frank Loyd Wright

" It will only be too late when you die, other than that there is no such thing as too late! If you are not dead then let's get moving and no excuses. " - Robert Kintigh

" The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows."
-Aristotle Onassis

" Words cut deep - Mind your mouth and we will all be so much better!! - Robert Kintigh

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. -Henry David Thoreau

" I was certain the grass on the other side had to be greener but when I peeked over there it was being repossessed. My grass may have a few weeds and a few brown spots but it is mine and I created it. " -Robert Kintigh

" So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key. - Eagles

" Courage is changing yourself for the good even though you think it is everyone else who is the problem! - Robert Kintigh

" Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." -Lanston Hughes
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