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In this video with Robert Kintigh, the author and founder of Truth Mastery talks about why he wrote the book The Lies We Tell Ourselves and why he has created the Truth Mastery Series and program. Robert's insight into people and their mindsets is what has made him so successful in his own companies, in sales and in helping organizations grow. Robert and his team are eager to help you, your company , church, organization become better and learn more about yourself.
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About Robert Kintigh
Author, entrepreneur, teacher, avid reader,husband and father, Robert Kintigh delivers his best work in the book called The Lies We Tell Ourselves which is a book for people of all ages, walks of life, professions and backgrounds. This book is timely because of the nature of our economy and what it has done to people's hearts and minds and because Robert believes that people are looking for a better direction. Our lives have been changed dramatically and there is so much that is distracting us and vying for our attention. We are getting lost as human beings and Robert wants to help change that and he wants to help as many people as he can all over the world.

Robert grew up in Los Angeles where he came from a broken home. His mother Elizabeth (or known as Dianne) was a hard working Bank of America Head Vault Teller as well as the head vault teller at the Los Angeles Coliseum on the weekends. She was no stranger to hard work and she passed this on to Robert. What Robert was lacking was real clarity and understanding to the keys to life. Robert went on a 30 journey of discovery, education and enlightenment to discover what was holding him back.

As an entrepreneur, Robert not only grew companies and learned from his struggles, he also worked on refining his skills in understanding people, goals, challenges and more that presented themselves in the work place. He has study human psychology in books and in real life. He has attended seminars, is an avid reader and any sort of material that would help him fine find the answers he was looking for.

30 years of education and over 10 years of research have gone into the writing of this book. Interviews have been conducted, observation has been completed, real life has happened which in turn has made Robert an expert in understanding motivation, success and learning from mistakes. He understands the process of success and why failure occurs.

Besides writing, Robert has worked in Corporate America in Sales, owned a construction company, an Internet marketing and Business coaching practice and has also worked as a property manager along with various other businesses and partnerships. You can say Robert has been on both sides of the desk when it comes to his work experience. Robert has also been on both sides of poverty and wealth. As a writer, Robert draws his strength and power from the travels he has taken in his life. Having a desire to pull of this together in order to be able to deliver something powerful to help others, the book The Lies We Tell Ourselves is that platform. 
Robert's Bio for Media Use
Robert Kintigh is the author of The Lies We Tell Ourselves. As a champion of many awards for writing and business throughout his life, his passion is for helping people with his writing by delivering an easy to read understanding of what human nature is all about. As a trainor and mentor in Network marketing, Robert delivers unique Applauded for his simple use of words and style, Robert pulls you in with his personal use of examples in his own life. Robert is also the author of a coming soon book called Employee Behavior Modification - The Truth about Modivation and Employees and several small pieces on the web and in print. He is an entrepreneur and owns a consulting firm and a marketing firm where he helps small businesses around the globe grow personally and their bottom line. He has also been an athlete all of his life and uses his experience in his writing and in business.Robert lives in Cool California with his wife of 19 years, his 3 children and their two dogs Romey and Lucy.
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Robert's future is focused on writing several books in the next 5 years on motivation, business and personal growth along with doing seminars and corporate training, and other  tasks related to his subject matter and interest. His future books will be based around the same notion of discovering your truths in business, life and relationships. His current book he is working on is about understanding employee motivation and your own as an owner, manager, leader, or individual. There is much to be said and many to help and that is what fuels his passion for writing and speaking. There is no shortage of words or lessons here as Robert is an eager writer, speaker and teacher.
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