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Here are the top reasons to have Robert Speak at your next  event:

The book that Robert wrote creates inspiration, spiritualism and hope for people of all levels. This book is inspiring thousands with its unique view points and mindset. 

Robert knows how to motivate an audience and people. He understands human nature and generally know what holds people back and he will deliver real solutions to long term problems your team is facing.

When you look for a speaker for your next meeting, you need to find someone with confidence and a presence that people want to listen to a follow. Robert is that person as he is confident in nature and commands attention while at events. Robert loves being in front of audiences and loves to deliver gems of encouragement to audiences. 

When it is time to look for a speaker to ignite your audience, you will be looking for passion and someone who can share that with an entire room. The passion has to be gigantic and consuming and Robert Kintigh has that for your team or audience members. Eve if you have not read his book, you will quickly feel why he has devoted his life to the work of passion delivery. 

Robert Kintigh is the least likely author of writing a book so powerful as most would have written him off based on his background and life growing up. If Robert can make his dreams a reality so can your organization. 

The next time you are planning an event or meeting and you want true inspiration, then book Robert Kintigh who is the founder of Truth Mastery Program and the author of The Lies We Tell Oursleves and your next event will be a huge success. Your audience will be grateful for the time they dpend with Robert as he has so much to deliver to them. Fill out the form to the right and someone will get back with you within 24-48 hours or you can call 1-877-509-8349 We can't wait to bring you the principles and motivation that can help your organization catapult to a whole new level. See you soon!
Speaking Engagements
Do you have an event coming up or are in need of corporate training? Have a women's group, church or organization that needs inspiration and a speaker? Why not engage someone who can excite your members and show them a way to greatness and a fullfilling life? The author of the Lies We Tell Ourselves and founder of the Truth Mastery Program Robert Kintigh  is available for your next event. 
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When hiring a speaker, you need someone who your audience will connect with and identify with as real people are always looking for leaders who are real too. Your team wants to know that they too can succeed and they do not identify with royalty or a super heros when it comes to deciding if they can.

Robert teaches ordinary people how to do extrodinary things and your organization will benefit from this kind of mindset. Robert gives encouragement of how they can accomplish what they desire by everyday examples and techniques.