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About The Mobile App Revolution

There is a major revolution taking place today that has changed the landscape forever. This revolution is so amazing that it is barely out in the world today yet the impact is powerful and awesome in nature. The mobile app revolution is here and small businesses all over the world are the lucky recipients of this technology that has become affordable and widely availble. With this book we help small businesses all over the world make more money with mobile apps so that they can compete with businesses of all sizes that have had the resources to buy a mobile app in the past. Mobile apps have been way too over priced for small businesses leaving them dreaming and wanting and not able to make a move.

Have you ever had these challenges before? Needing something new to help your business return your profits to where they were before the recession hit and yet you do not have the resources to obtain them? Working hard day in and day out and yet all you have at the end of the day are great ideas you could do if you had the money to make them happen? This can be very frustrating.

I know exactly how you feel as I have been there myself in the past and that I why I wrote this book. I understand how important that it is for a small business to get their hands on affordable resources and keep your business growing. I understand the frustration of needing more clients and increased sales but not having the capabilities to do so. I used to lay in bed late at night trying to figure out what I could get my hands on to change the face of my business.

I went on a search to find that one thing that would be huge for my business and that was that game changer that I could actually afford and get my hands on. One day out of no where I discovered the mobile app and was excited beyond belief. I found a company who made them and st down with him at a coffee meeting. He explained to me what it could do for me and how affordable it was. He assured me that the ROI was going to be big. Then he gave me that affordable price and I about fell out of my chair. Who has $18,000.00 laying around to spend on something new? I felt he was over priced so I checked around with other companies and they were all just as expensive and even more then he was.

I searched and searched because I knew there had to be a solution. One day I found that solution because not only did I need it but I wanted to help my clients as well. What I found I have put forth to you to help you as I am sure you need it as much as I did.

The results from being able to afford a mobile app has been even bigger than I had expected. The ROI has been 2000% plus and the exposure has been incredible. I won't get into all of what it has done for me but it has been one of the best discoveried I have had in business and I have laid it all out for you.

Maybe you are sitting there and wondering if you really need a business mobile app. Maybe you think that you can keep on going the way you are with your flyers or newspaper ads but let me make something clear; the old world ways of doing things are no longer viable foryour company. There is a whole new world out there called the mobile app and smart phones and devices.

How you are going to take advantage of this new affordable technology for your business is to get our book called The Monbile App Revolution and then you are going to get yourself a mobile app for your business. You want to read all of our book bvecause you need to learn everything about mobile apps so that you can make informed decisions for your business.

Let our book give you the do's and don'ts of mobile apps like mobile apps are not websites and should not be designed like one. This don't and many mores are what we have in store for you when you read our book. Some of th empst common mistakes can make your efforts worthless. We will help you every step of the way.

What you want to do is buy this book, read it, sign up at or contact and start working on designing your mobile app. Once it is live then you need to go to work to market your need app and let your business take off like never before. Buy the book now!

The Mobile App Revolution Book by Robert Kintigh
The Mobile App Revolution book:

Mobile App Revolution book

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