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The Book That Inspired the Truth Mastery Course
Author Robert Kintigh wrote a book called the Lies We Tell Ourselves and founded the course called the Truth Mastery Course based upon the ideas and principles in the book. With the discovery of what holds most people back in life, the author decided he needed more than a book to help out thousands who are in need of a clear path to their goals and dreams. That path is the Truth Mastery course and is available to companies, individuals and organizations. The Lies We Tell Ourselves book is a wonderful journey of discovery and delivers the truth like you have never heard it before. You are the one who is responsible for your destiny and no one can hold you back unless you allow them. If you are looking for a new vision and learn how you can take your life to a new level or your business, then this course is for you! You will not ever misunderstand again what you will need to do to achieve, recover or thrive. The Truth Mastery Course is your ticket to your best life ever!
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Day 1 is about getting down to what you really want. We do a full assessment of your goals and your current status. We ask a lot of questions and gather data to create a plan. We are not pop psycologist and this is not therapy. This is a very simple and yet very powerful process. There is a problem or need and we help create a solution. If we learn to keep everything simple then our chance of achieving will increase exponentially. Most people start out with sinmple and great ideas and head straight for complicated based upon ideas in their mind.

We focus your progress in 90 day increments as we use the 10 Essential steps for success as your driving force. An exact system that can be both used daily and long term depending on the goals and situations we are trying to affect.

Robert only works with people and companies who are serious about personal growth and self improvement. Your business needs better people and there is no need to go find new people as they are already in your organization. We all need to improve on some level so let's start with what you have.

Individuals who want to excell at work, home or in any area of their life, the 10 Essential steps for success is what you have ben looking for. We teach you to slow down and take small moments for yourself and to diagram your life. We give you the essential tools that will build incredible results. Robert will work with a limited amount of people to ensure your success and and give you the personal attention you need.

Want something intensive but on a different level? Ask us about our journaling coaching where we help you through the use of our online journal program. No matter what your choice is, we will help you achieve more this year and gain what yiou want in life. It is all about the right understanding and a clear road map! Prices range from $99.00 month up to $10,000.00 depending on the level of intensity. Looking for a group or company rate? Contact us for special rates. We have many coaches on staff to assist your organization.
Truth Mastery Coaching Program
Our coaching process takes you from where you are currently, how you got there, where you want to go and what it will take you to get there. Sounds easy enough but we are going to have to put in some hard work. Our program delivers powerful results because we do things a little bit different and we understand some very important elements to personal growth and mindset training. You deserve to be your best and you have everything you need in side of you to obtain those results. Our job is to work with you to re-align all of the pieces and design your life how you see it in your mind. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish and we will help keep you accountable.