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Dark days no longer haunt me like they have in my youth.......

Listen in to a trailer/excerpt from the book called The Lies We Tell Ourselves by author Robert Kintigh which is taken from the opening chapter. This excerpt will set you up for what is to come as you read the entire book.
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Book Trailer Video for The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robert Kintigh
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Radio interview with Robert Kintigh hosted by Dr Wright
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Hear about the book and interviews about personal growth, journaling, how important mindset is and dealing with discouragement.

Robert Kintigh brings to you the encouragement and enlightenment that you need to find your truths in life and what steps that you can take to create a powerful life.

Giving our writing a voice is very important as we want to give you every chance to learn about what we have to offer. We will be on iTunes and everywhere else we can get the message out!
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Our Blog is designed to provide more insights into the book and subjects that are covered like self help, mental health, love, anger, emotions, parenting and much more. A simple process of dealing with our thoughts and emotions and more. We strive to bring to you powerful understandings and great stories to connect with. We want you to realize how powerful you are and what you can really do.
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Listen to the radio commercial for The Lies We Tell Ourselves by author Robert Kintigh. Pick up your copy today!